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    上傳時間:  2019-09-03      瀏覽次數:  

      (一)報告題目:Does Land Renting-in Reduce Grain Production? Evidence from Rural China

      報告人:仇童偉  博士                  主持人:石寶峰

      報告時間:2019年9月5日(周四)     下午14:30-16:30


      內容提要:China’s grain security is an increasing global concern. Most researchers argue that land renting-in leads to the cultivation of non-grain products in rural China. We use household-level data collected in China to assess the relationship between land renting-in and grain production. Our results indicate that land renting-in positively affects rice acreage, especially when there is less labor available for agriculture. The channel of the effect is that lessees tend to increase the use of machinery in rice production, but not in the production of cash crops because the production of grain crops can be more easily mechanized in rural China. The Chinese government should still pay close attention to the cultivation of non-grain products caused by land renting-in because workers in the production of cash crops may also be easily replaced by new agricultural technologies.

      報告人簡介:仇童偉,華南農業大學經濟管理學院博士,悉尼大學商學院訪問學者。 研究領域主要包括,農業經濟,土地經濟,制度經濟。先后在China Agricultural Economics Review,China & World Economy,管理世界,中國農村經濟,中國農村觀察,公共管理學報等學術期刊發表論文30余篇。仇童偉博士先后多次被邀參加國際和國內學術會議,并擔任多個學術期刊的匿名審稿人, 參與多項國家自科重點、面上項目及省部級課題,并承擔省級課題1項。

      (二)報告題目:Does National Culture Affect Culinary Consumption of Foreign Tourists? The Evidence from Japan

      報告人:李希  博士                  主持人:石寶峰

      報告時間:2019年9月5日(周四)     下午14:30-16:30


      內容提要:This research aims to explore the relationship between the national or regional culture and culinary consumption of inbound tourists by adopting dimensions of Hofstede. The research employed a self-administered seasonal questionnaire of 9141 random samples from more than 60 different outbound travel markets to Osaka. Results from the Poisson regression model highlighted that the dimension of individualism significantly influenced the range of the culinary consumption of inbound tourists. Results from the binominal logit model revealed that tourists from outbound travel markets with higher risk aversion scores have greater acceptance of Japanese luxury cuisines, while tourists from lower risk aversion outbound travel markets tend to consume inexpensive Japanese daily cuisines. Furthermore, tourists traveling with family members, relatives, friends, and couples patronize a greater diversity of cuisines than tourists traveling with co-workers or alone. The results also indicate that satisfaction and revisit intention are positively correlated with the number of culinary experimentation.

      報告人簡介:李希,現任新加坡國立大學訪問研究員。博士畢業于大阪大學。主要從事市場營銷,消費者行為,品牌管理,旅游市場戰略等領域的研究工作。先后參與完成國家級科研項目4項,具有豐富的國內外科研。研究期間,以第一作者身份發表一篇文章在Journal of Vacation Marketing(SSCI 2區,IF: 2.17)上,另有兩篇文章投稿至SSCI 1區期刊上。作為講師,李博士曾主講過《管理戰略》,《商業模式》,《市場營銷》,《品牌管理》,《消費者行為》等課程。此外,李博士還擔任過大阪觀光大學的國際事務助理,多次參與本校與海外大學和政府組織的商務談判。2015年,李博士在日本最大的證券公司野村證券獲得過日本關西地區最佳投資獎。